Several CartChunk-aware applications will soon be available. Here are a few of the applications we're working on:

WaveView A Win9x-based generalized WAVE file viewer utility. Use WaveView to view the contents of important chunks in WAVE files. In addition to the contents of Cart Chunks, WaveView will interpret and display the EBU 'bext' and 'mext' chunks, along with the standard fmt and fact chunks (when present). You can use WaveView as an informal means of verifying that the contents of these chunks are correct.

Coming Soon! WaveEdit is a Win9x-based Cart Chunk editor. With it, you can add cart chunks to wave files, and edit the contents of cart chunks embedded in WAVE files.

More WAVE and Cart Chunk applications will be posted to this page as they become available! If you have an application which would be useful to our community, please contact us!