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Dick Pierce, Geoff Steadman, and Barry Blesser together are part of an informal group of independent consulting and contracting professionals who have worked together on many projects over the last decade. We are happy to provide guidance and referrals as a service to the broadcast industry on issues related to the Cart Chunk, and other professional audio and radio applications. Feel free to contact any of us at any time.

Dick Pierce has been involved in audio and sotware development professionally for over 20 years. Currently, he is engaged in developing applications and products for audio-for-video-post systems. Most recently, he was involved in internet radio applications development. Previous to that, he was the senior software developer of the Audicy digital audio workstation, responsible for user interface design and implementation, audio file import/export functionality and software administration. Previously, he held senior development and design positions in the fields of computer aided design, data acquisition and process control, and simulation and modeling. Mr. Pierce maintains an active consulting career in the acoustics and loudspeaker fields, and has written numerous articles and tutorials on digital audio and loudspeaker physics. Dick is the senior engineer behind the Cart Chunk specification. He can be reached at

Geoff Steadman has been in radio and professional audio for 20 years. Along with Dick Pierce, he was originator of the Cart Chunk concept. Currently, he is consultant to several radio and audio companies exploring new markets and product ideas. Previously, he was involved in developing hosted web applications for the radio industry. Formerly Product Manager of Editing Systems at Orban (managing Audicy and DSE 7000 systems), Mr. Steadman was been responsible for much of the user interface design and product enhancements of these award winning systems. Focusing on creating products and software designed for specific uses, Geoff has served as the middleman between marketing/customer needs, and engineering capabilties. As a recording engineer and producer, Geoff's on-air credit include productions for WBUR Boston, WGBH Boston, NPR, and Newport Classic Records. He can be reached by email at

Dr. Barry Blesser specializes in signal processing, risk engineering, audio systems and engineering management. He started his career as an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at M.I.T., and has been an independent consultant for the last 25 years. As one of world's pioneers in digital audio, he invented the first commercial digital audio revereration system, the EMT-250, and was the senior architect of the AKG DSE 7000 and Orban Audicy digital audio workstations. Dr. Blesser was president of the AES in 1980 and has numerous patents and published papers in a wide variety of subjects. He has held the position of Chief Technology Officer in several major companies. Dr. Blesser can be reached by email at attempts to address the general questions that individuals and companies may have about the standard by providing tools and information, allowing folks to "roll their own" Cart Chunk-compliant solutions. Should your organization need expertise above and beyond these public and open pages, either to accelerate a development cycle, or to assist more junior engineering staff, consulting help is available at nominal rates. Please contact Dick Pierce at for more details.