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Updated May 12, 2004

Here's a list of those companies that, as of this posting (May 12, 2004), are claiming compliance with the Cart Chunk format. We invite other manufacturers who are now or will be implementing the Cart Chunk to let us know their plans so we can add their names to this list. We invite independent parties to test the claims of various manufacturers using the sample files provided on this site.

Disclaimer: The product information and compliance claims listed here are those of the manufacturers and not of The authors and contributors to do not endorse any of the listed products nor do they warrant the products' compliance with any standard as either complete or correct. has made no attempt to verify any of this information. We recommend that parties interested in compliance investigate thoroughly the manufacturers' claims.

Company / Organization
Product Manufacturers
Compliance Claims
Autoplus Broadcast Software Autoplus Version 3.0.178 + now reads and writes the cart chunk of any WAV file (linear or compressed). The chunk is added after the data chunk so older applications may not read correctly.
Broadcast Electronics AudioVault Xpress
Compliant in Xpress V8.0 as of April 2000, in AV100 V8.2 as of August 2000.
BSI Simian
Simian (all versions)
WaveCart (version 3.0 and later).
BTSG Software AutoMax 2000
Fully capable of playing Cart Chunk files.
CBSI Digital Universe Plans to release compliant version Q1, 2001.
Desktop Technologies
Pty Ltd
NewsBoss Version 3.5i and later.
Digigram XTrack Plans to release CartChunk support
in Version 4.3 (March 2002).
ENCO Systems DADpro32
DAD Dropbox
Compliant as of 3.1b release, March 2000.
Hardata DiNeSAT V4.5 Compliant as of April 2000.
Interoute Share! Version 2.2 compliant with AES46. Allows cart chunks to be added to WAV files before uploaded into Share! application.
OMT Systems iMediaTouch Compliant in V1 and V2
Orban Audicy Audicy 3.1, released last year [2002] should be fully AES46 compliant.
P Squared Ltd. Advanced Advert Manager v2.6
AutoTrack v2.6, AutoTrack Pro v3
Myriad v2.6, Myriad STS v2.6
OCP v2.6
Scoop Edit v1.6, v2
Scoop Capture v2
All listed products are now fully Cart Chunk compliant, and read and write the information every time any of the parameters change. All later versions of these products will also be fully compliant.
Pristine Systems CDS32, CartWorks All versions of CDS32 are compliant. CartWorks compliant in version 14.0, 19 March 2001.
Prophet Systems NexGen Digital Compliant in NexGen Digital Ver 2.0.
Radio Free Asia R-Boss Plans to use Cart Chunk as native format, release Q3 2001.
RCS Version XV.x.x of:
Master Control
Master Control Light
Selector Enterprise
Smart Ripper
Selector with Sound
Compliant as of February 2000.
SADiE SADiE 4.0 Compliant as of August 2000.
Scott Studios SS32 / AXS 3 / TLC Compliant in current versions. SpotTaxi DownLoader/Decoder Compliant as of July 2000.